Saturday Slide 25th February 2017

Posted on 8 February 2017
Saturday Slide 25th February 2017


By Susie Forster

28 Jan, 2017

Byron Bay Surf Festival punters are in for a real treat on Saturday night at the Beachy when the headline act G.Love plays his only Australian concert for 2017.

When G.Love, aka Garrett Dutton, isn't playing his world-class blend of bluesy alternative hip hop, he fosters puppies and names them all with names starting with a P. That's just the way he rolls. Or perambulates, perhaps.

Maybe it's because he's from Philadelphia.

Dutton started out Byron-style, busking on the streets for $20 a session, and quickly realized there was serious career potential in music. From his first record in 1994 his career took off, he wrote his signature hit "Cold Beverage" and now he tours the world with his band Special Sauce.

"We are basically like a blues band, a trashcan blues band. I thinkwe've really reconnected with the roots of the blues that we love and have spent a lot of time trying to be a part of and just keep pushing it."

His, "sloppy", and "laid back" blues sound encompasses classic R&B and his Facebook page lists some of his influences as Bob Marley, Robert Johnson, De La Soul, Beastie Boys and Bob Dylan. There's no doubt his unique blend of Hip hop inspired blues has carved out a place of his own in the music scene.
"All my friends were in bands playing music like The Cure and stuff. I am like, that's not it for me. I'm playing the acoustic and not just strumming it, I'm playing the shit out of it. I'm also playing the harmonica, not just breathing; I'm really trying to play it."

Writing and playing music may be his first love, but after that surfing rates pretty highly with G.Love. "When I'm not playing music and not working, and I don't have any responsibilites, the thing I always want to do is go on a surf trip." Get out of the water and catch G.Love while you can at the Beach Hotel on Saturday 25th.

Bobby Alu
Born on the Goldie, Bobby Alu is a charismatic and cruisy songwriter & travelling musician. Having made a name for himself drumming and playing with world class greats such as Xavier Rudd, he honed his Island vibe sounds with baritone ukulele, pacific beats, tasty harmony and powerful drumming to create a vibe of signature smooth hammock music. Inspired by his Polynesian heritage and following a strong family lineage of performers he writes songs of love, life & travel.

"When I am writing from the heart the island vibe is just so strong. I spent some time in Samoaand so many things about my personality made sense. It's a strong part of my identity."

His star is on the rise, having played at Bluesfest, Woodford Folk Festival, Nannup festival, Island Vibe, drummed with Xavier Rudd, OKA and more. With a band that grooves like Withers, moves like Marley, charms like Harper but smooth like Fat Freddys, you can't go wrong with Bobby Alu's tropical safari style.

Paula Fuga
Supporting Bobby Alu you'll catch the exquisite vocals, powerful lyrics and gorgeous melodies that have earned Hawaiian singer/songwriter Paula Fuga widespread critical praise and an incredibly dedicated fan base.

Paula's love of cultural music has seen her, armed with her trusty ukulele, perform 3 times for the US president, record with the likes of Ziggy Marley, Jack Johnson, Nahko Bear, Trevor Hall and  Mike Love, spreading the thoughtful and evocative voice of the Hawaiian people across the world. Praised for her originality in song composition and ability to stir the deepest emotions with spellbinding and soulful vocals, Paula Fuga has established herself as one of Hawai'i's most respected live performers.

"Music is my first love. Love is my first language."

She makes countless efforts to participate in various community projects focusing on protecting the environment and spreading the fundamental values of her native Hawaiian culture. Don't miss this chance to experience this powerful exchange yourself on Saturday.
Band of Frequencies

Band of Frequencies

These masters of laidback musical mellowness draw their influences from a vast spectrum of roots, rock, electronic and psychedelic styles. Their sound has been described by Melbourne Magazine VULTURE as "like a stoned rollercoaster of music; rolling up and down, drifting through blues, rock, roots and psychedelic vibes."

The name Band of Frequencies refers to the concept that each person vibrates at a certain frequency with the lowest being fear and hate and the highest being love and compassion.

To complement their more abstract inspirations, there's also a strong thread of activism running through the band. In 2011 they went on a month-long kayaking trip with surfer and environmentalist Dave Rastovich that followed the migration of the grey whales and aimed to highlight the plight of marine animals. Lead singer/songwriter Shannon Sol Carroll says the activism, however, is not something he wants to preach.

"I don't really want to walk around the world with my cup full of my own ideas; I'd rather have an empty cup and just listen as much as I can. Because you just learn so much more that way. The most important thing for us is to learn as much as we can."

Band of Frequencies will be joining legendary filmmaker, Jack McCoy, for the Saturday Slide to live score the 25th anniversary screenings of his iconic surf films including "Bunyip Dreaming" and "The Green Iguana". 

Purchase your tickets here.

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Don't miss these gigs in December

Posted on 30 November 2016

Byron Bay get ready! The Corona SunSets music tour is bringing you The Rubens.

After three years on the road the boys finally unleashed their latest album 'Hoops'. They also claimed the #1 spot on Triple J's Hottest 100 of 2015, becoming the anthem of the year.

Where else would you be able to catch The Rubens live and for free in one of the best locations in Australia? Gather your friends, and share a few ice-cold Coronas with us here at the Beachy. See you here Saturday 3rd December from 2:30pm.

Fri 2nd 3:00pm: Hamish & Andy Live Radio show SOLD OUT

Sun 18th from 3:00pm: Local Xmas Party

Sun 18th from 8:00pm: Sunday Safari

Tue 27th from 8:00pm: Bag Raiders

Sat 31st from 8:00pm: NYE PARTY

You can view the full gig guide here

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Don't miss these gigs in November

Posted on 25 October 2016

De La Soul  are from Long Island, NY and have rocked us with their De La songs for over 20 years, full of inscrutable samplings, whimsically irreverent lyrics, social commentary, light rhythm and laid back rhymes. They have gained respect within and outside the hip hop community with their contributions to rap, as well as jazz, funk, soul and alternative genres. Not only are their musical innovations acclaimed and respected worldwide, but they paved a path for many alternative rap groups to come after them.

We are super excited to be part of their world wide tour featuring their latest album "And The Anonymous Nobody". There will be limited tickets available on the door November 13th from 8pm.

Tue 1st 1:00pm: Melbourne Cup w/ Lisa Hunt

Fri 18th from 8:00pm: Boy & Bear

Fri 25th from 9:00pm: Waxhead

Sun 27th from 8:00pm: Schoolies.com Official Launch Party ft Seven Nation Army

You can view the full gig guide here

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Don't miss these gigs in October!

Posted on 29 September 2016

Boy & Bear are fresh from a stellar set at Splendour in the Grass which left the crowd wanting more! We are excited to bring them back to Byron for an intimate show.

The boys are keen to come back up here, Killian Gavin (vocals, guitar), enthuses, "Often the venue depicts what kind of show we will go for. A nice noisy pub makes a great rock show!"

Get your mates together to enjoy their old and new tracks here at the Beachy on Friday November 18th. Be sure to get your tickets now as they have nearly sold out $40 INC GST PRE - SALE and $45 on the door if tickets are available.

Sun 11th 8:00pm: Dom Dolla

Fri 7th from 9:00pm: Lepers & Crooks

Sun 9th from 4:30pm: Lisa Hunt

Sun 23rd from 8:00pm: Touch Sensitive

Fri 28th from 9:00pm: Wolfmother

You can view the full gig guide here

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Redbull Party w/ Yacht Club DJs

Posted on 13 August 2016
Redbull Party w/ Yacht Club DJs
The Redbull Beach Shack Party kicks off the start of the warmer weather!

With the return of Yacht Club DJs it is a party not to be missed.

FREE ENTRY but you better get here early! RSVP to the Facebook event.
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BOY & BEAR w/ special guests

Posted on 12 August 2016
BOY & BEAR w/ special guests
Boy & Bear have today announced a massive tour of regional Australia for November and December 2016.

Fresh from a stellar set at Splendour and the Grass, the five- time ARIA winners released their third studio album Limit Of Love in 2015. The LP, met with rave reviews, was recorded in the inspirational surroundings of Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio.

Limit of Love is a recording that is less about fine-tuning everything to the nth-degree, and more about capturing a band at the height of their powers in an honest, organic way. It's an approach most modern bands would be too scared to try, but for Boy & Bear, that leap of faith has proven to be a very successful masterstroke.

Excited to be hitting the road, Killian Gavin (vocals, guitar), enthuses, "We'll be changing it up night to night really, often the venue depicts what kind of show we will go for. A nice noise pub makes a great rock show while the intimate theatres allow a lot more room for dynamics and banter. Keeps us on our toes and stops us from being repetitiveIt's been a long time coming for us, this regional run. But we always love playing to as many local cities as we can, it takes time to get back there but we're looking forward to it."

The boys will be taking the stage here at Beach Hotel on Friday November 18th. Tikets $40 INC GST PRE - SALE and $45 on the door if tickets are available.

Take a look.

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August Gigs- Don't miss these!

Posted on 22 July 2016

Wed 3rd 7:30pm: Moonight Movies view movie list here.

Sat 13th from 9pm: Tom & Jarry

Fri 19th from 9pm: Ella Hooper & Gena Rose Bruce

Fri 26th from 9pm: Jamie Berry [UK]

You can view the full gig guide here

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Posted on 4 July 2016
Alt pop powerhouse / media maven Ella Hooper and award winning singer songwriter / one to watch Gena Rose Bruce are touring nationally in support of their respective new releases - Ella's 'New Magic' and Gena's 'Mad Love'.

In this series of stripped back shows, rather than take the traditional main and support act route, Ella and Gena will play their new material together, teaming up on electric and acoustic guitar, while delivering harmonies that will knock your socks off.

Ella's latest offering 'Venom / New Magic' (OUT JULY 22nd) encompasses bluesy gloom pop to strummy 90's moments, while Gena's 'Mad Love' EP smacks of sad eyed femme fatales, off kilter heroines and home wreckers, delivered with a touch of twang.

Bonding over an appreciation of the fragile vs. fierce nature of femininity, these Calamine Sisters are itching to go! To get together and create a heady moody atmosphere for audiences with performances that are in turns raw, rocking and entrancing.

They will be on stage here Friday 19th August
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Splendour In The Grass

Posted on 1 July 2016
Splendour In The Grass


21st July - 24th July 2016 

Reduced Rates from $410 per night

No minimum stay

Free undercover parking

Free WiFi

Call direct to receive $20 Beach Kitchen voucher and bottle of wine

(02) 6685 6402

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July Gigs Beach Hotel, Byron Bay

Posted on 28 June 2016

Top Pick for July:

Every year we host the ultimate Pre Splendour Party presented by Falcona. Together we bring the best DJs and live music acts all under one roof to dance the night away. This year is no different, we will be releasing the full lineup on our Facebook page, so stay tuned...and get ready for Thursday 21st July, it's going to be a BIG one!
Don't miss these gigs:

Late For Woodstock
Sunday 3rd July from 4:30pm

Moonlight Movies in the Beer Garden
Wednesdays from 7:30pm - Free Entry 

View movie list.

The High Rollers
Sunday 27th July from 4:30pm

Take a look at the full gig guide here.Take a look at the full gig guide here.

View our Gallery


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