Tune in to a different frequency.


Our Story

A vision to transcend the Byron vibe through a world class hospitality experience has led us on a quest to transform Beach Hotel. To create a place that awakens a deeper connection to life, artistry and eachother. 

Our journey was set in motion with a commitment to mindfulness and openness, to deliver refreshing experiences for all who seek a sense of freedom by tuning in to the frequency that is uniquely Byron.

Beach Kitchen

We are excited to share the news that we have kicked off our kitchen renovations.

This long-awaited upgrade will provide our kitchen team with an enhanced space to inspire culinary creativity and will allow us to create better experiences for you by improving quality consistency and wait times.

Our new kitchen set to reopen in late December. In the meantime, we will continue to have a range of eats available, including shares, lights and pizzas, which can be viewed here:



From an excellent red wine with your steak, to a mid-afternoon cold beer and chips, crisp sunset cider or late evening cocktail with live music, our bar team are here for you.

Live Artists


TUE 9TH Mighty Max Fog 5-7:30pm

MON 1Tim Stokes Duo 6-9pm
TUE 2Walking Francis 3:30-6pm / Jason Delphin 6:30-10pm
WED 3Bill Jacobi 6-9pm
THU 4Scott Day Vee 6-9pm
FRI 5Guy Kachel 2-4pm / Jordan Mac 4:30-6:30pm / Majestic Knights 7-10pm / Dj Lordy Wardy 10-12am
SAT 6Hayley Grace 12-2pm / Adam Harpaz 2;30-4:30pm / Josh Hamilton Duo 5-7pm / Animal Ventura 730-10pm / Dj Reiflex 10-12am
SUN 7Ben Whiting 12-2pm / Chris Del Mar 2:30-4:30pm / Harry Nichols Band 5-8pm / Dj Kira Sunday 8-12am
MON 8Alex Tilly 5-7:30pm / Hayley Grace 8-11pm
TUE 9Mighty Max Fog 5-7:30pm / Tim Stokes 8-11pm
WED 10Samir Shah 5-7:30pm / Jesse Morris Duo 8-11pm
THU 11Richie Williams 5-7:30pm / Jason Delphin 8-11pm
FRI 12Karuah 3-5:30pm / Jordan Mac 6-8pm / Taj Ralph w/Support Gary Collocott Band 8:45-10:30pm / DJ Jayden Bloch 10:30pm-12am
SAT 13Shea Mulligan 12-2pm / Jasper & Nelson 2:30-4:30pm / Will Henderson Duo 5-7pm / The Liquid Search 7:30-9:30pm / DJ Longtime 9:30pm-12am
SUN 14Adam Harpaz 12-2pm / Guy Kachel 2:30-4:30pm / 3-Play 5-8pm / DJ Slim Rusty 8-10pm / DJ Longtime 10pm-12am
MON 15Walking Francis 5-7:30pm / Animal Ventura 8-11pm
TUE 16Jimmy Heathwood 5-7:30pm / Scott Day-Vee 8-11pm
WED 17Ole Falco 5-7:30pm / Harry Nichols 8-11pm
THU 18Holly Tap Duo 5-7:30pm / Nathan Kaye 8-11pm
FRI 19Ben Whiting 2-4pm / Luke Yeaman Duo 4:30-6:30pm / Micka Scene Duo 7-10pm / DJ Labonte 10pm-12am
SAT 20Chris Del Mar 12-2:30pm / Yazmindi 3-6pm / The Versace Boys 6:30-8:30pm / Salarymen 9-10pm / DJ Reiflex 10pm-12am
SUN 21Donny Shades 12-2pm / Guy Kachel 2:30-4:30pm / Andy Jans-Brown & COS*MIC 5-8pm / Si Fixion 8-10pm / Dj Kira Sunday 10pm-12am
MON 22Josh Lee Hamilton 5-7:30pm / Jordan Mac 8-11pm
TUE 23Bill Jacobi 5-7:30pm / Jason Delphin 8-11pm
WED 24Chris Del Mar 5-7:30pm / Hayley Grace 8-11pm
THU 25Senani Wijesena Duo 5-7:30pm / The Swamp Cats 8-11pm
FRI 26Josue 3-5:30pm / James D'khan 6-8:30pm / Barley Passable 9-10pm / Dj Kira Sunday 10pm-12am
SAT 27Jimmy Heathwood 2:30-5pm / Chelsea Skyeater 5:30-7:30pm / Andy V 8-9:15pm / RAAVE TAPES 9:30-10:30pm / Dj Quento 10:30pm-12am
SUN 28Mark Ridout 2:30-4:30pm / Jessie Morris Trio 5-8pm / Dj Reflex 8-10pm / Dj Jayden Bloch 10pm-12am
MON 29Richie Williams 4-6:30pm / The 4"20 Sound Feat. Mighty Max Fog 10-12am

Beach Resort

Relax, Recharge & Rejuvenate

Wake up to big blue skies, the shimmering Pacific Ocean and perfect surf conditions.

Stay in and enjoy the seclusion of our lush tropical gardens or step out and enjoy all that Byron has to offer.

Located opposite Byron's main beach, your stay with us will be the perfect timely escape.